The STIGA Multiclip 47 S AE lawnmower delivers the same results as a petrol-powered machine with all the benefits of battery power. This lawnmower has a powerful 80 V 5 Ah battery (supplied, along with the charger) and is ideal for lawns up to 800. The robust steel body has a 45 cm blade which can be adjusted using a lever to five different cutting height positions ranging from 31 to 80 cm.

The device is self-propelled. The Multiclip 47 S AE has been especially designed for mulching, a technique which finely shreds grass cuttings to be reused as a natural lawn fertiliser and providing the right humidity, thereby saving time and money. The folding soft-grip handle with built-in digital display for monitoring the mower's functions makes the machine comfortable and easy to use.