The STIGA Combi 44 E hand-propelled electric lawnmower is compact and weighs just 14 kg, meaning it is lightweight and practical, and lightweight at just 14 Kg and very practical to use. This agile and comfortable-to-use lawnmower is powered by a 1800 W motor and has a centralised height of cut adjustment, which can be adjusted to six positions ranging from 25 mm to 75 mm using a lever with an ergonomic handle.

The 50 litre collector has a with viewing window to monitoring when the bags needs emptying. The Combi 36 E lawnmower can also be used in mulching mode, a cutting function that finely shreds the grass and deposits it on the ground as a fertiliser. The handle with double controls, which can be adjusted to two different positions, can be quickly folded using the quick-release system to reduce storage space when not in use. Mulching plug included.